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October 31 2014


People bathing fully clothed in Vietnam, as it's the norm

Social norm + logic protection against sunburn, it also keeps the fresh water on your skin one you're out of the ocean.

Picture found on the Internet.

March 09 2014


February 18 2014


C&A vent des sweats à capuche jaune VIF uni, 9 €. #wetfun CC @FreeLifesaving

Idéal pour nager en mer ou les cours de survie-sauvetage aquatique.

Rayon Angelo Litrico (marque moderne pour homme). En molleton (coton épais), pas vérifié s'il contenait des parties animales.

December 17 2013


Wetfun: phat dipping during Rock Otočec 2012 festival.

Higher resolution: (2048 x 1536 px).

Picture by Krokodilo (Andi).

April 02 2013

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