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December 01 2013


Bookmarklet to save a webpage on

A few days ago, published a new version of its website dedicated to web pages archiving. You can now submit a page and it will be saved in a couple of seconds (unless the editor does not allow it via the robots.txt file).

Here is a one-click shortcut to ask this service to archive a webpage. Press the left button of your mouse on the following hyperlink, drag it to the bookmark bar of your Web browser (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, SRWare Iron...) and drop it. Archive .

When you click on it, it opens a new windows or tab, depends on you browser's setup, which goes to . Notice the encrypted connection, so that your ISP won't see what page you've asked for archiving. The script also works for https pages.

The code in Javascript is based on Shaarli's one.

javascript:(function(){var url = location.href ;''+url);})();

This code is meant to be inserted in the "location" part of a link in your bookmark bar.

February 21 2013


[SVG] Short guide to upload files to Wikimedia Commons

This document focuses on what makes a media "acceptable" to Wikimedia Commons, the files bank for Wikipedia, especially when it comes to copyright of the original work.

November 29 2012


lsof - TDC

Sympa comme commande pour observer son trafic réseau (par exemple), en complément de tcpdump (analyse détaillée) et driftnet (images qui transitent en clair).

Exemple :
> sudo lsof -i
affiche toutes les connexion réseaux
> sudo lsof -h
affiche l'aide (en anglais)

April 19 2009

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