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October 15 2014

Le viol c'est de la violence, pas du sexe. Si on te frappait avec une bêche, t'appellerais pas ça du jardinage.
@frabjousday, découverte via llyria, adaptation par Myroie.

January 31 2014


Il n'existe PAS de soit-disante « théorie » du genre, pour une bonne raison.

Parce que c'est un DOMAINE D'ÉTUDE, un sujet de RECHERCHE universitaire ou sociologique !

January 16 2014


So, there’s this girl. She’s tragically orphaned and richer than anyone on the planet. Every guy she meets falls in love with her, but in between torrid romances she rejects them all because she dedicated to what is Pure and Good. She has genius level intellect, Olympic-athelete level athletic ability and incredible good looks. She is consumed by terrible angst, but this only makes guys want her more. She has no superhuman abilities, yet she is more competent than her superhuman friends and defeats superhumans with ease. She has unshakably loyal friends and allies, despite the fact she treats them pretty badly. They fear and respect her, and defer to her orders. Everyone is obsessed with her, even her enemies are attracted to her. She can plan ahead for anything and she’s generally right with any conclusion she makes. People who defy her are inevitably wrong.

God, what a Mary Sue.

I just described Batman.


Mary Sue, what are you? or why the concept of Sue is sexist on Adventures of comic book girl

October 29 2013


#GenderFlip : men posing to promote a Ducati motorbike

(Ducati 1199 MANigale - Imgur  -  Initiative by a seller or reseller: )

I just don't know if GIMP got used... (A world famous image retouching software, multi-plateform.)

October 26 2013

Oct 26

Intersex Awareness Day, 2013

Oct 26–23:59 World Add this event to a calendar application
AFAIK, the nearest similar events are the Bisexuality Day (september, the 23rd) and the Transgender Day of Remembrance (november, the 11th).

October 19 2013


October 05 2013


September 29 2013


September 24 2013


Video Games Lack Female and Minority Characters | LiveScience

À peine 15% des personnes de jeu vidéo sont des femmes ou féminines, malgré 38% de gamers féminines.

Les latinos ne représentent que 2% des personnages, malgré 12,5% de tou-TE-s les joueuses-eurs.


July 03 2013


Et si Lara Croft était un homme ?

Imaginez un homme autant sur-sexualisé que l'a subi cette célèbre héroïne de jeu vidéo.

June 09 2013


Swedish male train drivers wear skirts to work

Une douzaine de conducteurs de train se sont mis à porter des jupes pour protester contre l'interdiction de porter des shorts. Leur employeur ne peut bien sûr rien faire, ça serait de la discrimination.

March 23 2013


November 15 2012


Genderfuck bathroom / genderless restroom.

This restroom may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression (Ces toilettes peuvent être utilisées par n'importe qui, sans condition d'identité de genre ou de genre affiché.)

Via Fervid Capharnaüm via Twitter@Mar_Lard.

Reposted byferalpixie feralpixie

August 02 2011

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‪Transsexuals In Iran Part 1-4‬‏ - YouTube
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